About Verge

Understanding that the business community is now facing many more challenges in attracting, retaining and developing staff,  our services range from executive recruitment, outsourced recruiting, contract recruiting, coaching and development.

We are committed to understanding our client’s unique corporate culture, recruitment processes and specific requirements for individual hires. Drawing on multiple sourcing channels and advanced targeting, our consultants accelerate the recruitment process to deliver ideal candidates.

We approach business from a diagonal – not a straight line. We’re like a pro boxer, we come at our target from different angles and varied directions. Our talent acquisition strategy delivers great people, quickly and effectively. This helps companies reduce improve efficiency and decreases costs.

Great people

Employees are the foundation of every great enterprise. We will not offer up a ‘one size fits all’ candidate to  your company. We sit down and meet with each and every prospect that sends us a resume, evaluate their skill set and qualifications, check references and establish an overall prospect profile for each individual.

Verge is a true ‘head hunting’ company. We find your next hire wherever we have to. Many search companies say they look for that next special person for you, but many times they only look as far as their own database of random candidates. Your next hire may be hidden, working for another company, might live elsewhere or maybe they just need to be uncovered by using an industry network of people. We seek out candidates that will fit perfectly into your company and improve your business.

Great values

All recruitment firms ask for your business, but the most important question they should ask is how can they earn your business? We hope you see the value in our values:

  • Listening: First we listen. We want to find out what your needs are and how we can create a custom search model that will work for you. Fulfilling your needs and your company’s objectives is our first priority.
  • Integrity: We are observant, practical, realistic and tactful. Every decision we make is based on this primary value.
  • Flexibility: We understand that search strategies must sometimes be adjusted, depending upon marketplace conditions and other factors. Our process enables us to initiate changes and solutions before problems occur, to keep searches on course.
  • Hands-on approach: Effective job recruitment requires a hands-on approach in this market. We possess the skill, desire and the overall knowledge needed to fit your company’s needs.
  • Results: We strive to provide you the highest quality candidates. The goal is simple: To evaluate the progress of a search, in order to maximize its potential for success.