Division Manager – Mechanical – Hvac


Metro Vancouver 

The mechanical division manager’s primary focus is day to day sales and customer service.  As a manager they will develop, inspire and motivate their team.

Divisional goals will be set each year and the manager will ensure that all members of their team will work towards these goals.

The division works as one unit to service our customers and increase market share.


The following are principal duties of the Division Manager.

  • Develop plans to grow business and expand market share.
  • Will need to develop relationships and help their team members develop relationships with the mechanical contractors.
  • Service our customers in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Answer incoming calls and respond to incoming emails from customers.
  • Attend manufacturer’s factory/training visits to ensure the manager is up to date on the latest product developments.
  • Develop team members through manufacturer’s factory/training visits.
  • Train (or assist in training) all outside sales representatives, project managers and estimators in division.
  • Ensure that all team members are clear on responsibilities.
  • Will work with the mechanical division team to do take-offs, pricing and tender preparation for projects.
  • Project management
  • Will work with their team to ensure that all quotations are prepared and ready on the tender date.
  • Will take the lead on quoting all large projects. Will work with their team to ensure all relationships are utilized to put us in the best position to be successful on all projects.


  • Review all Construction Association projects and assign projects to sales representatives and project managers within their division


  • From time to time the division manager will need to visit job sites if a problem arises on a project.


  • Submittal drawing package preparation or overseeing this being done by project managers within division


  • Weekly project review meetings with the mechanical division team. (In some cases this might be a daily meeting if required)


  • Support engineering community. Work with the engineering sales person (if one on the team) or work with the engineers directly.  The goal is to get all of the company represented products specified or equal on all projects.


  • Work with other division managers on a daily basis.
  • Communication between divisions is the key to the overall success of the office.  The mindset for each division manager should be overall office first and individual division second.


  • Each division manager within the office needs to work together when preparing quotes. There needs to be an overall strategy when quoting projects.


  • Work with Branch Manager or Regional Vice President to expand and complete our mechanical equipment offering. We need to ensure that we have a complete offering to counter the bulk on most projects.


  • Will work with the branch manager / regional vice president to prepare yearly divisional budgets.


  • Perform annual performance reviews with each individual member of the mechanical division team.
  • Give feedback on performance and what each employee can do to improve their performance.


  • Mechanical Division Manager will report to the Branch manager and/or the regional Vice President


  • Minimum 5 years sales experience
  • Diploma in Engineering Technology or Professional Engineering designation would be an asset
  • Understanding of how to read & interpret construction drawings
  • Past experience with HVAC mechanical equipment would definitely be an asset.


 Contact: Terry Craig – terry@vergecareers.com