UX Designer

Our client is a software research & development company , the company currently works on numerous projects including innovative security communications frameworks, mobile POS, virtual gift cards & comprehensive energy efficiency.

Currently we are looking for a UX designer for their mobile security and device management department.

A full-fledged mobile security and device management solution for corporations that need to manage their internal team and maintain internal information integrity.

With the device management, our App enables internals to communicate through a secured and encrypted channel with the assurance that their corporate information transferred (whether it be messages, files, photos, recordings) is protected from any malicious attacks or corporate espionage.

App highlights include read and deliver notifications, recreate security keys, encrypt pictures and storage, encrypted saved messages, group chat, and more.

UX Designer

Position Description

We are looking for a development-focused designer, someone with knowledge of web and/or mobile technology, design patterns.

Your Duties Will Include

  • Create and upkeep brand experiences with unique UI elements.
  • Develop designs for digital products, websites and marketing materials.
  • Oversee branding across various web and mobile applications.
  • Translate UX concepts into usable prototypes.
  • Design, develop, and test product UIs.
  • Assist in the planning and development of the programmatic flow of web applications.
  • Design and integrate tests into website components and conform to proper security standards.


  • S. or higher in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience)
  • 3+ yrs of experience as web designer and developer
  • Strong grasp of CS fundamentals, algorithms, data structures, and design patterns
  • Proficiency in writing scalable and responsive HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Strong layout and typography skills
  • Ability to design for responsive applications
  • Experienced in using web technologies like AngularJs, Node.js, GruntJS and Sass
  • Strong grasp of standard digital design tools such as Sketch, Adobe products – Photoshoot, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Experience in taking projects from conception to completion
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills in English

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